Terms Of Service

NorthLife Financial humbly welcomes you. Before using the NorthLife Financial website, it is advised that you take the time to read these Terms and Services. Read all Terms before using any of the services available on this website. By accessing and using this website, you are basically agreeing to the Terms of Service. If you do not wish to agree with these terms, you should immediately cease use of this website immediately. A copy of the terms can be downloaded and saved to your website for future reference. The Terms of Service may change at any point in time. Users will be provided with an update when the Terms are updated.

Ownership And Usage Restrictions

This website and all services are owned by NorthLife Financial. All contents on this website is owned by NorthLife Financial. This includes graphics, images, audio, content, data, and other things. The style, look and feel of this website are owned by the company as well. All content on this website is protected by copyright and trademark laws in the United States, Canada and international. Attempting to steal, use or alter these things could result in serious implications in the future. Users of this website are not allowed to copy, reproduce, modify, public, display, distribute or sell any of the content on this website without getting permission in advance. Downloading, printing and reproducing the content on this website is fine for non-commercial use only and information or educational purposes.

Reproducing this content for distribution or resale is prohibited unless you receive permission in advance. To obtain permission, you should get in touch with us directly. Use the contact form on our website or contact us via email. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

The Registration System

In order to gain access to certain portions of this website, the user may be required to registered for an account. To do that, the user will be required to provide NorthLife with certain information. Users who agree to registered for an account agree to use accurate and truthful information. This information needs to be provided when completing the registration process. This information must be up to date. If information changes, the user is responsible for changing the information as soon as the changes occur. When registering, the user will be required to provide a username and password.

The user will be responsible for this information. It is entirely up to them to keep this information confidential. They are also responsible for any activity that occurs on this website under the said username and password. If the username and password are used without authorization, the user should report it to NorthLife immediately. Any breach of security should be reported to the company as quickly as possible.

Outside Links

It should be noted that NorthLife aims to provide users with the best experience humanly possible. From time to time, the NorthLife website may have outbound links to third-party websites. Some links may be online advertisements. The links might direct to websites that are owned and operated by third parties. These sites are not affiliated with NorthLife. Remember that these sites are completely independent of NorthLife. The company has no control over these websites or their content. It should be noted that NorthLife cannot be held liable for these websites. The company is not liable for the content or services found on these sites.

When visiting these websites, the user is doing so at their own risk. These sites and services are not sponsored or endorsed by NorthLife. None of the sites have been authorized to use NorthLife’s trademarks or copyrighted materials. For further details, be sure to contact the company directly.

3rd Party Marketing Offers

From time to time, NorthLife may send users marketing offers from third-parties. These offers may be associated with financial products or services. They may or may not be of interest to you. NorthLife makes no guarantees regarding these offers. The agreement is between the user and the third party. If the user has any questions or concerns regarding the thirty party offers, they should get in touch with the third party directly. NorthLife is only providing the user with access to this information. The company is not attempting to persuade the user to engage in such offers. When signing up with these offers, the user should use their own judgment. It is advised that you obtain expert advice before agreeing to any offer provided by a third party.

Code Of Conduct

Users of this website must obey by our code of conduct. Failing to do so could result in termination of usage immediately. Users agree to abode by all state, federal, provincial laws set forth in the user code of conduct. Below, you will learn more about the code of conduct that all users are expected to follow.

Transmitting Materials

Users of this website will agree not to post materials or transmit materials that could be described as junk mail or spam. Users cannot and will not send any materials that could be referred to as junk mail, pyramid schemes or spam. Other forms of solicitation are also prohibited.

Patents And Trademarks

Simultaneously, users agree not to infringe on any patent or trademark owned by NorthLife. They should not infringe on any other user’s privacy rights either.


Users of this website agree not to post any harmful, unlawful or threatening posts. Racially or ethnically abusive material should not be posted by users. Posting such materials will lead to a permanent ban and cessation of usage.

Malicious Software

Users agree that they will not under any circumstances post materials that may contain destructive software. When using the NorthLife website, users agree not to post viruses, worms, Trojan viruses or anything of the such. Not files that could destroy or reduce the functionality of a computer software or hardware should be posted to the NorthLife website. Posting such materials could lead to legal repercussions for the user.

Harvesting User Data

Users of this website agree not to harvest or collect any information stored on this website. This includes personal user information, such as email address, names, dates of birth and so and so forth. None of this information should be collected without consent from the user in question.

Other Posts

Users also agree to refrain from other activities. For instance, they will not create misleading posts with the intention of giving the impression of a false identity. Users should not forge headers or attempt to manipulate identifies in hopes of disguising the true source of the material. Users should not attempt to gain unapproved access to the website or its service. Password mining and other methods are fully prohibited. Users should not attempt to interfere with the network or disrupt the site’s services. Disobeying this user code of conduct will result in serious repercussions and could end in the user being barred from the site.

Anyone who does not want to obey these codes should leave the website immediately.

Liability Limitations

The laws set forth by certain jurisdictions do not allow our company to limit our liability. If you live in an area that has such laws, the following information may not be applicable to you. Our company is constantly working to update our content and keep it as accurate as possible. We work relentlessly to keep our website free of errors and omissions. Despite it all, we can’t guarantee that our content is accurate at all times. With that being said, we maintain the right to limit our liability. Remember that this website and its services are provided as an “As Is” basis.

The content is provided without any warranties or conditions of any kind. We cannot promise that our website will be free of errors, viruses or other harmful components. In the event that you encounter viruses when visiting the NorthLife website, we cannot be held liable. NorthLife cannot be held liable for damages that may result from or in relation to the use of this website or access to any of the content and services on this website. Even if the company has been advised of the risk of such damages the company cannot be held liable. We cannot warranty the completeness or accuracy of the content found on this website.

No Legal Advice

Information provided on the NorthLife website is only available for informational purposes. It should not be considered legitimate financial or legal advice. Therefore, the information on this website should be relied upon in this specific regard. Take and use this advice at your own risk. NorthLife cannot be held liable for harm or financial loss caused by the information provided on this website.


As an agreement of using this website, users agree that they will not hold NorthLife responsible for any losses or damages caused by the use of this website. Users will not hold the company responsible for any possible violation of the Terms of Use by the user. This includes violations of the Code of Conduct and 3rd Party Offers. NorthLife will not be held liable for damages, claims, fines or penalties associated with the content or services provided on this website.


NorthLife may collect user information from time to time. We strongly believe in protecting the privacy of our users. With that being said, you should refer to our Privacy Policy to learn more about our privacy standards. The Privacy Policy provides you with access to information regarding the way we use, collect, manage and disclose our user’s personal information.

Site Contests

NorthLife may hold contests from time to time. The company may also help with co-sponsored contests and/or promotions. Take note that specific rules for the contests will be accessible from the related pages on this website. The results will be made available on the pages that accept user entries. Be sure to refer to this information and read it thoroughly in advance. We cannot be held responsible for problems that may occur when you submit your entry. We will do our best to protect your privacy and confidential information. However, we cannot be held liable for information that has been lost or stolen.

If you intend to sign up for one of these contests, you are going to do so at your own risk.

Changes To Our Policy

NorthLife maintains the right to change, modify or discontinue our terms of services. We can do so with or without notice. Our company reserves the right to adjust our Terms of Use at any point in time. When our terms are changed, we will attempt to notify site users as quickly as possible. It is entirely up to the user to review the new Terms of Use. Users are responsible for remaining up to date with the latest Terms of Use. The user should analyze the Last Update date, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Continuing to use this page after the policy has been updated means that you agree with the new terms and conditions. The only way to show your disapproval of the Terms of Use is to stop using this website immediately.

Continued use of the website confirms that you agree with the terms and conditions set forth on this page.

NorthLife Trademarks

NorthLife owns certain trademarks. This includes marks, logos, slogans, graphics and more. These components are trademarks of NorthLife and cannot be used by other companies. Other trademarks appearing on the NorthLife website are property of their owners. Our trademarks should only be used with our written consent. Users interested in using our trademarks or patents should get in touch with us directly with their request. We’ll contact you back!

Contact Us

We understand that our Terms of Use can be a little complex. Do not worry. We’re always here for you. Consumers with questions or comments should get in touch with us immediately. We can be contacted directly via our email or through the contact form on our website. We will do our very best to get back in touch with you as quickly as possible.