Privacy Policy

Thank you for taking an interest in NorthLife Financial. We would like our users to know that we take pride in protecting their privacy. We go above and beyond to ensure that our users’ information is going to be protected. On this page, you’ll find out privacy policy. The policy identifies how our website collects, uses, manages and discloses your information. When applying for insurance through this website, you will agree to enter into an agreement with NorthLife. That agreement is referred to as the Insurance Quote Application Agreement. Upon acceptance, you will agree to sign into our Insurance Policy Agreement.

Our company will collect, use, manage and disclose your information based on the terms and conditions set forth in the policy below. Below, you’re going to learn a great deal more about our standards when it comes to protecting your confidential information.

Collecting And Using

To acquire insurance from our company, you will be required to fill out an insurance Quote Application. The aggregator will collect certain information about you. This includes your name, contact details and date of birth. This information is used to determine your eligibility as well as the potential price of your insurance. We may collect your mailing address and email address.

Those who decide to purchase coverage will be required to provide additional information. For instance, your payment details will be required. The information collected by NorthLife will be used for several purposes. Below, you’re going to learn more about the ways that NorthLife uses your information.

  • We use your information to approve your coverage and provide you with an insurance quote. We also use this information to administer and service your coverage.
  • Our team will use your private information to determine your eligibility for the products and services requested by you.
  • Your info is utilized to confirm your identity. This information is used to verify your identity and bank account.

We also use your information to ensure we obey all regulatory and legal requirements. It is also used to detect and prevent fraud. We will never sell or abuse your information. It is our sole intention to provide you with an amazing service without compromising your privacy. We promise that we’ll do everything humanly possible to do just that.

Registration Online

When attempting to acquire an insurance quote, the user will be required to provide us with specific information. This will include your email address and a password of your choosing. This gives you the ability to login to your account and alter your details. You can also use the account to analyze your quote and other information. NorthLife will never contact you regarding your password. Therefore, you should never disclose it to anyone. Do not give your email to anyone after receiving letters, emails or calls. NorthLife will never ask for your email address directly.

Marketing And Promoting

Once you’ve signed up for an account with us, we’ll have access to your contact information. From time to time, we may use this information to send your marketing materials. We may contact you via email, mail or telephone. We only do this when we believe that we have promotions that you may be interested in. Just remember that we always provide our users with the option of opting out of such forms of communication. Just click the unsubscribe link in your email communications. You can also contact us directly by using the contact form on our website. Once you’ve done that, NorthLife will remove your email from the mailing list so you will no longer receive correspondence from us. However, certain emails regarding information or transactions may still be delivered.

Recording Of Calls

You may decide to call our office at some point. Let it be known that NorthLife Financial may record the call. This is done for quality assurance and training purposes. Before the call begins, you will hear a recording letting you know that the phone call will be recorded. If you do not want the phone call recorded, you just need to let us know about it. The company will do its best to accommodate your unique needs.

Customer Service Inquiries

NorthLife users may contact the company’s customer service department from time to time. During your contact with customer service, you may be asked certain information. The customer service representative may ask for your name, address and phone number. This information is used to confirm your identity. This information may be retained in hopes of improving our service and products in the future. We will also use this information as a way to build a relationship with you and provide you with a far better experience. This information will never be released to any 3rd party without your consent.

Data Related To Employment

When attempting to apply for a job with NorthLife Financial, you will be required to submit a job application. The application will contain private information about you. This will include your resume, cover letter and other materials. NorthLife will use this information to get in touch with you regarding your application. This is done to provide you with information regarding potential career opportunities.


Users of the NorthLife website may be asked to fill out and submit surveys from time to time. These surveys may ask for your private information. This information will be used for research purposes only. Generally, the information acquired will only include non-personally identifiable details. This allows us to gain a much better understanding of our customers and that gives NorthLife the ability to improves its products and services for the user.

Promotions And Contests

NorthLife Financial may run promotions or contests. Users who wish to sign up for these contests may be required to submit certain information. This includes their name, address, email address, phone number, and other details. This information is collected for the sole purpose of carrying out the sweepstakes or contest. The information will never be used for nefarious purposes or sold to third-parties.

How NorthLife Collects Your Information

NorthLife and its brokers will collect personal information from its users through various means. Generally, the information is collected directly. However, it may also be collected through third parties. For instance, we may collect your information when you submit your insurance application with us.

Disclosure Of Your Personal Information

We understand that consumers are worried about the disclosure of their personal information. We’re happy to say that NorthLife Financial will never disclose, sell, trade or transfer your personal information. We will only do so if you agree to let us do so. However, there are some specific situations in which your information will be used for certain third-party products. More about that will be provided below.

Access To Service Providers

NorthLife may work with certain service providers. We may utilize service providers for the purpose of billing, debt collection and to verify the customer’s information. In order to do these things, it may be essential for us to provide the third-party service provider with information regarding our client. In this type of situation, NorthLife may transfer its clients’ information to the third party. Third party service providers may also be used to host its website, send emails and send text messages. They may also be used to analyze customer data. In these situations, the customer’s information may be passed along to the third party for use or analysis.

Possible Investors

At some point, NorthLife may receive funding from 3rd party investors. In order to satisfy these individuals, the company may be required to provide the investors with certain information. Usually, the information will be non-identifiable. This means that the information cannot be traced to a specific individual. For instance, the data may help the investor determine the overall size of our client base. However, the information will probably not contain any specific details that would reveal the client’s identity.

Compliance Under Law

NorthLife is required to comply with certain laws and regulations. In order to do so, the company may be required to provide law enforcement or the government with client information. For instance, there may come a time when we’re required by law to comply with a search warrant. In this type of situation, we will be required to provide a third-party with our private information. We may be required to give your information to governmental authorities, law enforcement agencies or even courts. This may be a requirement in Canada and internationally. Your information may also be disclosed when it is necessary to prevent loss or harm to property or another individual.

Business Acquisition Or Merger

There may come a time in the future when NorthLife Financial is acquired by another business. Or, it might merge with another company. If this happens, there is a good chance that your information will be transferred to the new business.

All About Cookies

When you visit our website, you do not have to tell us who you are. In fact, you can visit our website without providing us with any information whatsoever. However, certain information may be collected from all users. For instance, certain services that we use may collect your IP address. This is true with Google Analytics and other services used by the NorthLife Financial website. The information collected includes page requests, time on the website, computer operating system and even the type of browser used. This information cannot be used to identify you personally. Instead, it is used to help us better understand our customers so we can accommodate their unique needs more effectively.

This Site Uses Cookies

Users of the NorthLife website should understand that the site does indeed use cookies. This is nothing more than a tiny file that contains small pieces of data. Our website sends data to your browser and it is ultimately stored on your hard drive in the form of a cookie. This gives the website the ability to identify you when you return again in the future. Cookies are used for multiple purposes. It can be used to automatically log you in when you return to the site. It can also be used to customize the viewing experience. The company uses cookies as a way to customize the user’s experience and make it better.

Users can configure their browser to receive a warning when they’re going to receive a cookie. Then, they can choose to accept or deny the cookie. Refusing to accept the cookie may result in the user not being able to access the website fully. It may also decrease the effectiveness of the site and its services.


The NorthLife Financial website display advertisements from third parties. The site may use third parties to display these adverts. The companies in question may use cookies as well. These cookies may be used to deliver information to this website and other websites. This is generally done to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaign. It also ensures that the user is able to view ads that are relevant to them. It is possible to opt out of Google’s advertisement system. For further information about these third parties and their services, it is essential to visit the websites of these companies directly.

Outbound 3rd Party Links

The NorthLife Financial website may display third party links. The company has no control over the privacy policies of these websites. These links should not be considered a recommendation or a sign of approval. Visit the links at your own risk. Check these websites directly to find out more about their own privacy policies.

Altering Your Information

Users of NorthLife will have the option to access, view and update their information as they see fit. If your information is incorrect, you can contact the company directly to inquire about gaining access to it. NorthLife representatives may ask for certain information to confirm your identity ahead of time.

A Changeable Policy

NorthLife Financial retains the right to manipulate and alter this privacy policy as necessary. The most recent Privacy Policy will be displayed on this page. The company will attempt to notify users of a privacy policy update as promptly as possible.